How slipknot are you

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There are many maggots out there u might be a high maggot or a low maggot I mad this quiz for maggots who were just born because I wanted to see how much they know before they came into the world of Slipknot

Are you a maggot? Are u sure your a maggot? If u are a new maggot or an old maggot then u can come take this quiz. I recommend this quiz to new maggots because i want to see how much they know and what they need to learn before they enter the world of Slipknot.

Created by: Maggot
  1. Who is in Stone sour that is in Slipknot
  2. How old is Joey Jordison
  3. What does M.F.K.R stand for
  4. When is Joey Jordison's birthday
  5. What was Slipknot really called
  6. Who is 133
  7. How old is Clown
  8. What is Joey's nickname in the band
  9. Who overdosed 2 times
  10. Did Slipknot tour with Metallica
  11. Whhat two people created Slipknot

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Quiz topic: How slipknot am I