How would you fair in a war?

With all this recent talk of war many people mark off soldiers as all the same people, or claim its not a tough job. Why don't you take this simple test and see what kind of soldier you would turn out to be!

You think your cut out for war maggot!?!? Why don't you take this here test the brains cooked up and we'll see who's cut out to carry a rifle!!! HOORAH!

Created by: Jack
  1. Your commanding officer tells you to take an enemy position. How do you respond?
  2. A grenade lands near your squad while on a mission, what do you do?
  3. Your part of a covert operation and come upon a sleeping enemy by yourself, what actions do you take?
  4. Your a sniper overlooking a ground operation where you see your assigned squad is being flanked from the rooftop, what do you do
  5. You have just been captured by the enemy and are being tortured for any information you know, what do you do?
  6. WORST CASE SCENARIO! You are the last person on your squad and hellfire is all around you, you have a working radio and all the intel of your military with you, what actions do you take?
  7. You survived the war and are safe at home once again, what will you do now?
  8. You are old and now in a retirement home and some visitors are asking you about the war, what do you tell them?
  9. (The last question) You are the commander and have a big shiny button presented to you by your second in command, the enemy has won the war and are about to storm your command room as he gives it to you, what do you do?
  10. Did you like the test? (no effect on results)

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