The Michael Jackson Quiz

Michael Jackson was born in Augest 29, 1958 when he 10 he joined a band called " The Jackson 5" and lived his life singing then in 1990 he changed his skin so people would know him better.

Michael was a good man until on 2004 he was in a hotel people were outside Michael grabed his baby Blanket and rasied outside the window an was found not guily Michael Jackson died in June 25, 2009 of drug abuse But he will alwys be with us.

Created by: Justin Vega

  1. Which of these Michael Jackson moves you like the best?
  2. When did Michael Jackson Died?
  3. Which consert did Michael Jackson did not proforme because he died?
  4. True or False: Michael Jackson was born on October 7, 1998
  5. Which music video won the MTV music awards?
  6. True or False: Michael Jackson appared on Family Feud
  7. Which was Michael's favorite kid?
  8. Did Michael Jackson appared on The Simpsons?
  9. Hard Question: Which was my favorite song crated by Michael?
  10. How many times did someone see Michael Jackson's Ghost?

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