Michael Jackson

This quiz ia about Michael Joseph Jackson throughout his life. I thought of questions from solo years all the way up to death. If your a fan I would take this and see if you know him and to enjoy.

This is about Michael Joseph Jackson through life and times of everything. If your a fan I would take this and spread his love. You will also have fun.

Created by: Andrea
  1. Michael was born...
  2. MJ hometown is...
  3. How many sibling does he have including him?
  4. Which one of Michaels brothers had a twin that didn't make it?
  5. How many kids does he have?
  6. During an interview Michael talks about one of his songs what songs is talking about when he says, it's a bold statement to make, referring to.
  7. What can you catch Michael doing in an interview?
  8. During the Bad era what happens to MJ pants on stage?
  9. Jehova witness wasn't accepting to which of Michaels songs?
  10. In the recording of the I just can't stop loving you, where did Michael record the first verse?
  11. Sony Label cut Michael cause the Invincible album wasn't bringing in money. Michael claimed they didn't give him money to promote it, then they cut his Nephews, so what did Michael say about them on National TV.
  12. When Michael gets shy is does what?
  13. During the making of the Thriller music video the girl Michaels was with was crushin on him but who was Michael crushin on?
  14. Which music video of Michael's was banned because of the storyline?
  15. Michael says this a lot what is it?
  16. What is Michael fav Medley to do? List it in order of the right songs.
  17. After the last song of the Medley(I'll be there) what does Michael usually say?
  18. During the Mowtown anniversary Michael performed Billie Jean, During the performance he goes on his tippy toes for 1 sec cause he didn't get a good grip, how long was he shooting for?
  19. During what tour did Michael get angry because of wet stage?
  20. During what tour does Michael falls doing the lean for Smooth Criminal?
  21. What was amazing about MJ History tour?
  22. Michael calls security on stage during History tour because...
  23. Michael tapes which hand and fingers?
  24. During the This is it, Michael enhanced two songs with adding footage.
  25. Michael says he makes humanitarian songs to bring...
  26. Which of MJ music videos has the most celebs?
  27. During the Bad era Michael performs in london and meets Princess Diana, he takes out what song in fear he will upset her but turns out its her fav song?
  28. Which sister asked Michael if she could take his military style for her music video Rhythm Nation?
  29. Which sister did a Music video with Mike, the song scream?
  30. Which sister got on National Tv and said Michael was guilty on the allegations charges?
  31. Janet did backup vocals for which two songs of Michaels?
  32. Michael sang on two songs of what nephews?
  33. What tv talk show person got to interview Michael at his house?
  34. Michael built...
  35. Michael favorite Walt Disney character is...
  36. Michael all time most selling album is...
  37. Towards the end Michael's concert what songs does he sing?
  38. Michael in HS was voted for...
  39. During what commercial did Michael's hair catch fire?
  40. Michael was upset when which brother left the group?
  41. Did Michael like filming the Variety show?
  42. Michael stared in what movie and made a little appearance in what movie?
  43. Michael was going to Kick off his concert This is it where?
  44. Michael Joesph Jackson- The King POP left the world on what month and for time base it on California time then transfer what they would be here in mountain time.
  45. Michael wanted to...
  46. Michael is buried in...

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