How well do you know Michael Jackson videos?

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Michael Jackson is a great person. He made many great record-breaking music videos and the greatest music videos of all time. The most famous is perhaps Thriller.

Take the quiz to see how well you know Michael Jackson's videos. He liked to call them short films. I'm Michael's girlfriend and I will explain more at the end of this quiz.

Created by: M J of <3
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  1. What colour does Michael wear in Bad?
  2. How many babies are on top of the earth in Black or White?
  3. Which music video does Michael have a braid in his hair in?
  4. Which music video has Eddie Murphy in?
  5. Which country is They Don't Care About Us filmed in?
  6. Which music video has dancing elephant bones in?
  7. What colour is Michael's shirt in You Rock My World?
  8. Which music video is Michael Jordan in?
  9. Which music video does Michael wear a t-shirt with a piano on?
  10. What animal does Michael turn into in Black or White?
  11. What happens to Michael at the end of Billie Jean?
  12. What colour shirt is Michael wearing in The Way You Make Me Feel?
  13. What happens at the end of You Rock My World?
  14. What weather is in Stranger In Moscow?
  15. Which music video is Macaulay Culkin in?
  16. Which music video is Michael's monkey Bubbles in?
  17. How does Blood On The Dancefloor start?
  18. Which music video is Wesley Snipes in?
  19. What happens at the end of Scream?
  20. Who does Michael dance with in Ghosts?
  21. Which music video has just celebrities in?
  22. What colour shirt is Michael wearing in Dirty Diana?
  23. Which video is Michael in a dying world in?
  24. Which video does Michael wear no shirt in?
  25. What colour is Michael's suit in Smooth Criminal?
  26. Who ended up filming Liberian Girl at the end?
  27. Who is on stage with Michael in Another Part Of Me?
  28. Which music video is Michael not in?
  29. What happens at the end of Dirty Diana?
  30. Which music video does Michael do a gravity defying lean in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Michael Jackson videos?