How Pro Are You at Minecraft?

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Everybody thinks they are the best at Minecraft. But is everybody a true PRO? No. Only selected individuals are pros. A Minecraft pro is somebody who has skill, experience, and cleverness to their advantage. Adapt to Minecraft, or don't be a PRO!

Are YOU a Minecraft Pro? There is only one way to find out, you know. Take the quiz and see how much of a pro you are. Answer honestly, as there is not directly a right or wrong answer. We're waiting for you.

Created by: souljabri557

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  1. Which of these blocks is hardest to destroy?
  2. Which of these blocks is easiest to destroy?
  3. Which mob is the hardest to kill?
  4. Where is the most popular place to say anything about Minecraft?
  5. How do you take a screenshot?
  6. Where is Mojang located?
  7. Best way to kill a creeper?
  8. What is another name for "The Player?"
  9. Which of the following is something you can NOT consume?
  10. What is the "Hell" of Minecraft?
  11. Where is the most common spawning place of NPC villages?
  12. Who is Notch?
  13. Who is Jeb?
  14. What is the IDEAL material to build your house out of?
  15. Which mob shoots arrows?
  16. Which of these is the most common ore?
  17. Which of the following items is available in Minecraft?
  18. Which of these is a mob in Minecraft?
  19. What is the wiring system in Minecraft?
  20. Which tree is the most common?
  21. Who is the mythical being that roams the shadows?
  22. Are you careful of this being?

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Quiz topic: How Pro am I at Minecraft?