Minecraft Potion Brewing

Hello! This is a Quiz about Brewing Potions in Minecraft. Many people think they know how to make potions, but only some really do. I would recommend that you do not get ANY help from the web, if you really want to find out if you know things about potions.

Are you a real pro at Brewing? This is your chance to find out! The sure thing is, even if you aren't, after the quiz, I will help you become one. So go on and have fun and, as mentioned before, be careful and think before answering!

Created by: ZeroFunter
  1. How can you craft a Brewing Stand?
  2. How do you make a Potion of Weakness + ( 4:00 )?
  3. What happens if I add a glowstone dust to a Potion of Strength?
  4. What is the difference between 'II' potions and '+' potions?
  5. How can you turn a normal potion into a splash potion?
  6. What does it take to make potions in the Brewing Stand?
  7. How do you make a Potion of Harming?
  8. How can you make a Potion of Fire Ressistance?
  9. How can you make a Potion of Regeneration?
  10. Can you turn an awkward Potion into a Potion of Invisibility using only 1 item? How?
  11. What items do you need to craft a Fermented Spider Eye (In the form you firstly get them from the nature) ?
  12. What do you have to add to a Mundane Potion to make a Potion of Swiftness?
  13. How do you make a Golden Carrot?
  14. How do you make a Potion of Leaping?

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