Are you addicted to computer games ?! Lets see...

In this current day and age, video and computer gaming can be a serious addiction, not only for younger kids and teenagers, but also fully grown men.

Are YOU addicted to computer gaming? Are you one of the many addicts? Hopefully this quiz will answer your question (or if your in it for the lols hope you enjoy it) as long as you answer it TRUTHFULLY... :) enjoy!

Created by: Cc
  1. How much time do you spend on your computer playing games per day?
  2. When you were supposed to do something else on the computer do you:
  3. While/ in anticipation of gaming do you ever forget/not bother to:
  4. Do you sneak on your computer to game in the day, at work, or even at night?
  5. Do you ever start thinking that your computer game graphics are better than everyday... graphics
  6. In what order do you prioritise your life out of the following:
  7. Do you buy new computer games regularly? If so how many?!
  8. If your parents disapproved or you lived in a place which did not tolerate computer gaming what would you do?
  9. Do you ever talk about and have entire conversations about a certain game with friends... Or even parents?
  10. Do you watch endless YouTube tutorials about how to play certain games? How to get more points/kills etc? Do you watch endless YouTube videos of other people playing games?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to computer games ?! Lets see...