How much of a video game addiction do you have?

Video gaming addiction is a major problem in this world. Are you safe from this, are you having an addiction or a monstrous, seemingly invincible addiction. Find out in this quiz.

Be honest with your self when you answer this test. Deceit to yourself is of no help so recount your experience with gaming and your views and begin.

Created by: Unknown

  1. How much time do you spend on video games each day?
  2. Do you play MMPORGs or MMOs games.
  3. On a school or work day, how much time on video games do you spend normally.
  4. Do you have a membership at a video gaming club and if so what kind of member are you?
  5. What do you feel when you play video games.
  6. If you had an important test or a meeting in 2 days time would you cut down on playing games?
  7. How many gamer friends do you have on internet sites
  8. If you were going to die in 1 week's time what would you do.
  9. For how long can you go without video games.
  10. If you can not play video games for 6 days how would you feel?
  11. How much fear do you have at the thought of losing some of your gaming progress.
  12. How important is health and eating to you in comparison to video games.
  13. If you have an addiction to gaming would you muster the will to get rid of it.

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Quiz topic: How much of a video game addiction do I have?