Are You Addicted to Music?

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Many people love music, and many people make it part of there daily routine. But some take it overboard. Are you one of those people? Take this quiz to see.

Could you possibly be Addicted to Music? It's highly likely to be a Musomaniac! Not many think they are, but this quiz will prove it! In just a few minutes, you will find out, if you are Addicted to MUSIC!

Created by: Ironbutterfly
  1. Do you have many varying tastes of music, or just one genre that you listen to?
  2. Pick one Band/Artist you listen to most, or have many CDs of. Do you obsess about the artist/band?
  3. When someone brings up one of your favourite songs, Do you perk up and start talking about it excessively, or do you join in like a normal conversation or not join in at all?
  4. Do you find yourself humming alot, even if it's entirely made up?
  5. Have you found yourself taking more and more time from your schedule, or using your only free time to listen to music?
  6. If you're in the middle of a song, do you find that you are reluctant to pause it, even if it's important that you do?
  7. Do you space out when you listen to music, or listen to a few songs and forgot you listened to them?
  8. Do you think you're addicted to music?
  9. If you have a CD, but find a remastered version, or a version with bonus tracks, would you buy it anyways?
  10. Can you pick one favourite song?
  11. Can you pick one favourite singer?
  12. Do you appreciate music, even if you don't nessacerily like the song/band?
  13. Are you first to point out when someone sings the wrong lyrics?
  14. Do you lose track of time while listening to music?
  15. Comment/Rate? (no affect)

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