How addicted To stardoll are you

This quiz will show the people of strdoll how addicted there really are! Are you the i dont go on everyday type or the i cant live without stardoll type? Well take the quiz to find out!

Are you addicted? Just take this quiz to find out if you truly are. You'll be surprised to see the outcome. Things aren't always what they seem!!!!!!!

Created by: cami
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You spend how many hours a day
  2. You are apart of a club and you are
  3. You are a superstar
  4. How many times have you been superstar
  5. You have how many pages of clothes
  6. You collect rares
  7. You take how much time on your medoll
  8. i have been CG
  9. i have ____ real friends on stardoll
  10. I have ___ virtual friends on stardoll
  11. I have been on stardoll
  12. Did you ever take a break
  13. Do you have more then 1000 starpoints
  14. Could you live without stardoll

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Quiz topic: How addicted To stardoll am I