Are you a true stardoll

Do you think you know everything about stardoll!? Well if you do take this quiz to find out! Try to remember that it's not a school timed test or something like that!

I hope you like this quiz! It's all about stardoll and if you think you know alot about the shops and free gifts?! If you think you do then come and take this quiz!!!

Created by: Kimran

  1. In kohl's, who models abbey dawn?
  2. What shop has the pink crop top?
  3. What is the last free item you get when you start stardoll?
  4. What in kohl's doesn't have a model?
  5. What shop has flip flops?
  6. What shop has a lavender bag?
  7. What free gift do you get 1st?
  8. How many rooms do you get if you're not a superstar?
  9. Do only superstars get jewelry?
  10. Are non - superstars aloud makeup?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true stardoll