What type of stardoll are you?

There are many Stylish stardolls out there. Could you be one? ..Whats a stylish stardoll? Stylish stardolls are awesome peeps who are very friendly , kind , and of course..stylish!

Are YOU a real type of STARDOLL? Find out in this quiz! Do you have the guts to take this quiz? Are you popular or a poor nerd? ( Come on your not a poor nerd, im not THAT mean! LOL ) Hehe. By LiiNA'xo

Created by: LiiNA

  1. Do you lie about your personal information on stardoll?
  2. Do you like hotbuys?
  3. Whats your favourite shop?
  4. Do you ever want to become covergirl?
  5. Are you rich on stardoll?
  6. Do you like online dating on stardoll?
  7. Long hair or short?
  8. Long or short presentations?
  9. Are you a good designer?
  10. Are you honest to your friends?
  11. How long do you go on stardoll for?

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Quiz topic: What type of stardoll am I?