What Female GH Character Are You?

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In GH there are many women, but this quiz is on some of the most famous ones. These are tough, stylish, funny and wild women who really keep heads turning when it comes to the show.

Do you ever wonder which one you are? Well, in this quiz, you'll find out by answering these 17 questions. Please comment!!!!! I love to hear opinions!

Created by: Tara
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hairstyle? (I know these don't all apply so pick the one that best suits you.)
  2. What do you want from a man?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. Would you kill somebody for revenge if they hurt somebody you loved?
  5. Do you tend to get the hot guys?
  6. What does your place look like?
  7. Job? (Or one that sounds fun...)
  8. What do you find yourself saying a lot?
  9. What do people often say to you?
  10. If you were an animal, which one would you most likely be? (Even if it's mythical or fake)
  11. Why would a man leave you?
  12. What accessory can't you love without?
  13. Favorite place to dine?
  14. Will you comment?
  15. One last verrrrrrrrry important question. Who's your GH crush?

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Quiz topic: What Female GH Character am I?