For Halloween are you going to be a kook or a spook?

This quiz is gonna describe your costume on stardoll and hopefully will give you a few ideas on how you act and maybe how you should shape-up hehe! This is awesome way to find out more and maybe you will get a laugh or two out of this quiz take to find out!

Are you gonna be emo-ish, girly or punky for stardoll's halloween season take this quiz to find out!!! You won't regret it's just to fun to handle, well maybe not but you should still try it lol!

Created by: The-artist of Damzel Doll, Stardoll Gossip
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  1. What punch are you gonna drink out of the cauldren at a Halloween GB party?
  2. Who do you think Callie.Stardoll really is, Halloween or any day?
  3. What socks are you gonna wear for Stardoll at any halloween occasion?
  4. What would be your perfect trick-or-treat basket on stardoll?
  5. What would be the perfect song for the halloween gb playlist?
  6. Let's face it, if you wanna have a good time you wanna have some arm candy....what kinda guy would you pick to be your crew?
  7. What kinda make-up on your medoll to go along with your themed costume?
  8. Like OMG this complete witch (hehe) is virtually harrassing you?
  9. Waht color body glitter for a real party?
  10. How will you type at the guestbook partty?

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Quiz topic: For Halloween am I going to be a kook or a spook?