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Have you ever woken up and felt like if you were a wizard you would feel better. Do you ever wonder what it would be like. Have you ever wanted to dress up as a witch or wizard for halloween and not known who to dress up as

Wwell here you can find out which character your characteristics suit. Become that person as you discover who you should be and why. You will never be stuck on halloween again, so take this quiz and join Hogwarts in your imagination

Created by: Rebekah

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  1. When you get your school work back what is your normal grade
  2. If your friends told you that they were going out with your ex-boyfriend or a boy you did not agree with what would you do
  3. Oh No you have just found out that your best friend left their homework on the table at lunchtime and if she doesn't get it then she is in big trouble, you try to take it to her but the teacher won't let you in or take the work, you have a free lesson. What do you do
  4. Your friends do not want to do their homework but you do, what do you do
  5. A party is due to happen, what are you doing
  6. You hear a rumor that your friend got an F in her last exam and she might be kicked out of the school
  7. Your friend comes to you and tells you that her parents are getting a divorce and that she might be taken into care, she cries, what do you do
  8. What would be the lesson you would most likely want to have at Hogwarts
  9. If you could learn to speak one more language. Which would it be
  10. If you ordered a drink in the three broomsticks which would it be

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