Does He Fancy You?

We all want to know who fancies us, and now finally you can. He's been staring at you over the cafeteria bar each and every day and sitting next to you, but does he want to ask you out or have you got spinach in your teeth? Is this just a platonic relationship or somethuing a little bit more?

So Now you can find out. before you could just wonder, but now, in only a few minutes, you will find out. Does he really like you? Mate or more? Soon all will be revealed.

Created by: nicky
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  1. You enter a room, what is his immediate reaction?
  2. You go to a party, is he there by the door when you leave?
  3. You ask him to come bowling/to the cinema with you and your mates, what's his reaction?
  4. You send him an anonymous vday card, what does he do when he finds it?(asuming youre hiding in the loos watching his every move, obv.)
  5. You nip over to his house on the pretext of borrowing a cd, what does he do?
  6. You nip over to his house on the pretext of borrowing a cd, what does he do?
  7. What does he get you for your birthday?
  8. He gets dared to kiss you, does he?
  9. You 'accidently' run into him in the street, what's his reaction?
  10. You finally bite the whatsit and ask him out, what does he say?

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