do u REELY like him?

There are lots of people who think they fancy someone they don't. Or they get together and find it doesn't work out. Afterwards they might feel like they've done the wrong thing and regret getting together and prefer just daydreaming about them.

So are YOU one of those people who don't know if you fancy someone or not? In just a few minutes you can find out if you're REALLY in love or either its just a crush.

Created by: emily

  1. Do u get butterflys in your stomach when u see him/her
  2. do u make up any excuse to talk to him/her
  3. would you still hang out with him/her even if your friends hated him/her
  4. would u still carry on trying to impress him/her even if u knew he/she fancied sum1 else
  5. would u confront ure mate if he/she tried it on with him/her
  6. when he/she speaks to you do u go red
  7. would u still think the same of him/she if his/her family were a bit strange
  8. do u flirt with other guys/girls
  9. do u think he/she could somehow be a bit better in a way
  10. do u dream about having a life with him/her

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