What Type Of Style Are You?

are you still wondering what type of style you are. then you better check this quiz out because it took me like an hour to make. the three styles are fancy,edgy,and gentle. now figure out what you are!

FANCY is- suits, heels, smartness, and expensive clothing.EDGY is- patched jeans, logo shirts, crazy hair, creative.Gentle is- nice, interested, outgoing.

Created by: lissa
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  1. There's a meeting at your work. And you just woke up 20 minutes before it starts. What are you going to where?
  2. There's a birthday party at your friends house. Whats your present?
  3. Your wardrobe is full of old people clothes. What is one way to upgrade it?
  4. You have a MASSIVE crush on somebody. The reason is ___
  5. You are thinking of buying something at the mall. What are you going to buy?
  6. if you were to be an animal. what would you be?
  7. if you were to be an object. what will you be?
  8. how much do you weigh?
  9. who's hotter?
  10. which is better

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Style am I?