What kind of dresser are you?

There are many different people who all have different sort of styles.What are all the different sort of clothing styles?Even better which clothing style is so me.In the quiz you are about to take you will find out what type of dresser you are.

Are you trying to figure out what kind of clothes you should wear if so this quiz is right for you.It will not only tell you what your style is but also what type of clothes fit that style.

Created by: di
  1. Does your mom still pick out your clothes?
  2. Best store ever?
  3. Favorite clothing design?
  4. Has anyone ever made fun of what you were wearing?
  5. I'm going to a party and wearing a
  6. What do you normally wear to school?
  7. Your totally into
  8. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is
  9. Would you shop at the thrift store
  10. In one sentence give some fashion advice.

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Quiz topic: What kind of dresser am I?