How well do YOU know fashion brands?

There are man fashionable people... WAIT... that's a lie. Some of you look like straight up clowns!!! I laugh at you. HA. HA. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, the remaining few are fashion savvy, what one may call, FASHION FORWARD!!

But are you, yes, YOU, the one to be known as, FASHION SAVVY???!!! I wonder!? So, in just a few shirt minutes, after answering each of my questions, you will find out!! Good Luck!!!

Created by: Juicy Girl
  1. Juicy Couture's symbol is a?
  2. "Love Kills Slowly" Logo belongs to which brand?
  3. The first name "Coco" belongs to which surname?
  4. Fendi is known for its what?
  5. Burberry is known for its what?
  6. Burberry's symbol is a?
  7. Uggs are made out of what?
  8. Which company has a crocodile as its symbol?
  9. Stella McCartney's fashion are known for?
  10. Diane von Fí¼rstenberg is?
  11. Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent all have something in common. What is it?
  12. One of these designers are Italian. Which one is it?
  13. "Princess" Fragrance belongs to which designer?
  14. Jimmy Choo is known for designing what?
  15. Gwen Stefani's Label is?
  16. One of Kimora Lee Simmon's perfumes is shaped like a?
  17. Ralph Lauren is known for its?
  18. Kimora Lee Simmons brand is called?
  19. Donna Karan's label is what?
  20. Issey Miyake is a designer based in?
  21. How do you spell the first name of the surname Armani?
  22. Louis Vuitton's symbol is a?
  23. Hermí¨s is known for its:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know fashion brands?