The Fashion Quiz

In the world of fashions there are dos and don'ts.From does this shoe go good with this skirt to does this scarf go good with this hat.There are models, designers and plenty more important people.Fashion is how we express ourselves.Fashion is an extaordinary thing!

Do you have what it takes,can you go the distance?!find out on The Fashion Quiz.Say your thanks cause in just a few minutes you will take this FAB quiz.

Created by: minessa ortiz
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  1. What hats are you definately in to?
  2. Whats formal to you?
  3. How do you accesorise?
  4. How many piercings do you have?
  5. What outfit would you wear with blue tennis shoes?
  6. Would you wear a belt on your hips, or shirt?
  7. true or false, if you wear a green skirt and shoes and shirt,is that too much green
  8. what would you call a completely horrable outfit
  9. true or false.pointed-toe heels are out.
  10. Finally,would you wear wedge heels with long pants?

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