What's Your Fashion IQ?

This quiz is a test of how well you know fashion. It will be testing areas of colours, fashion designers, models, and even definitions for fashion words!!

If you think you know fashion, take this quiz to see. Does your world revolve around fashion and trends or is fashion like another far away planet to you? this quiz will show you!!

Created by: pugglet
  1. Dress gloves going above the wrist are called:
  2. Blue is NOT identified with:
  3. To an Oscar, you would wear:
  4. The richest model in the world is:
  5. Alberta Ferretti is a fashion designer from:
  6. The material that does not require ironing is:
  7. A chartreuse is:
  8. The first names of Abercrombie and Fitch are:
  9. The first female to produce a designer perfume was:
  10. During the early 1960's, the elastic-sided boots that were popular were:

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Quiz topic: What's my Fashion IQ?