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Welcome to my Essential Fashion in Film Quiz, which I crafted as an homage to classic moments in film fashion. The quiz is meant purely for fun, though the details you'll discover with each answer are also pretty fascinating ...

Designers from Michael Kors to Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin to Marc Jacobs continue to be inspired by film every season -- and it's through knowing and appreciating such beautiful, influential moments that we gain an understanding in the creative process of fashion design. But like I said: Have fun with it!

Created by: Laurie Brookins

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  1. Which Hollywood designer is most closely identified with the iconic look of the bias-cut "goddess" gowns of the 1930s, as seen on Jean Harlow in 1933's Dinner at Eight?
  2. Marlene Dietrich made a major impact on fashion that continues to this day when she wore this in the 1930 film Morocco:
  3. Samuel Goldwyn lured this French designer to Hollywood in the 1930s to design costumes, but the screen proved to be far different from the runway, and the relationship didn't work out:
  4. America's adoration of Clark Gable was so great during the 1930s that sales of this item reportedly plummeted 75 percent after he was shown NOT wearing it during one scene of 1934's It Happened One Night:
  5. Katharine Hepburn was so fond of this item of dress that, upon hearing the studio's insistence that she not wear it, she reportedly staged a mini protest during filming of 1938's Bringing Up Baby:
  6. Even though 1938's Jezebel is filmed in black and white, much is made of the color of a gown Bette Davis scandalously wears to the Olympus Ball; name the offending color.
  7. In the 1940s this actress popularized this hairstyle, a long, side-parted wave that falls seductively over one eye:
  8. Joan Crawford, who began her career as a dancer, loved wearing this style of shoe because she believed it offered the best support:
  9. By the 1940s Adrian was known simply by that single moniker, and created a signature look for Crawford that became synonymous with '40s fashion and also rose to prominence again in the 1980s:
  10. The legendary Edith Head won Oscars for costume design for all the following films EXCEPT:
  11. Of course, any film after Roman Holiday to which Head was assigned and which starred Audrey Hepburn calls into question Head's contribution -- this is because Hepburn met this French designer for the 1954 film Sabrina, which launched a lifelong collaboration and friendship:
  12. Jean Louis designed an iconic satin strapless gown for this actress to wear in a pivotal scene in this classic 1940s film noir:
  13. For Grace Kelly's entrance in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954), she wears a memorable black and white gown designed by Edith Head; Kelly's character works in fashion and notes that the dress is "right off the Paris plane," and then mentions her day included lunch at 21 with staff from which magazine?
  14. Which of these actors popularized the look of the rebel wearing a motorcycle jacket in 1953's The Wild One?
  15. In the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe wears this dress, by costume designer William Travilla, during a very famous scene; the dress continues to inspire designers to this day:
  16. Fred Astaire's character in 1957's Funny Face was based on this famous fashion photographer, who indeed served as a visual consultant on the film's fashion sequences:
  17. Funny Face is often called the greatest fashion film ever made and features two of the industry's most iconic models; which model did NOT appear in Funny Face?
  18. Doris Day's fabulous costumes played a key role in the "sex comedies" she did with Rock Hudson, starting with 1959's Pillow Talk (Day's ensembles were later spoofed in the 2003 Renee Zellweger-Ewan McGregor film Down With Love). What famed couturier designed the 24 looks Day wears in Pillow Talk?
  19. Which Bond girl emerged from the sea in 1962's Dr. No wearing a belted hipster bikini, a style that became an instant sensation and is still copied (without the dagger)?
  20. For Catherine Deneuve's housewife-turned-prostitute in the 1967 film Belle de Jour, this French designer created a completely chic wardrobe that still inspires designers to this day:
  21. Theadora Van Runkle was nominated for an Oscar and impacted fashion worldwide with her costumes for this 1967 film:
  22. Ali McGraw reportedly pulled this item from her own wardrobe to wear in 1970's Love Story; after the film's release, girls everywhere had to have their own:
  23. Which 1970s Woody Allen film inspired a style of dress widely adopted by hip young women after the film's release?
  24. Diana Ross plays a Chicago department-store secretary turned international model and fashion designer in 1975's Mahogany, which was her second film after 1972's Lady Sings the Blues. True or False: Ross designed her own costumes for Mahogany.
  25. An off-the-rack white three-piece suit was widely copied after its appearance in which 1970s film?
  26. This designer gained a great deal of notoriety for creating the slim, sexy suits worn by Richard Gere in 1980's American Gigolo:
  27. 1974's The Great Gatsby was a critical and commercial dud, though Theoni V. Aldredge ultimately picked up the Oscar for Best Costume Design – but she neglected to thank this designer, whom she commissioned to design all of Robert Redford's suits for the film:
  28. Madonna burst into the public consciousness in the 1980s through music videos and then the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan; what does she wear in both the videos and the film that was copied by millions of girls worldwide?
  29. This 1980s movie caused girls everywhere to cut up their sweatshirts and wear leg warmers over their jeans:
  30. A fashion-show sequence in a film is a device that often has less to do with driving the plot than it does feeding the public's fascination with fashion; which of the following films does NOT feature a fashion show?
  31. In High Society, her final film, Grace Kelly wears her own engagement ring, given to her by Prince Rainier, whom she would marry the same year as the film's release, 1956; from which jeweler did Rainier purchase Kelly's engagement ring?
  32. In what film did a "mistake" by Edith Head result in one of fashion-in-film's most memorable looks?
  33. Because of course we should end on an Audrey Hepburn question: In 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hepburn's Holly Golightly makes the pronouncement that it's "tacky" for any woman under the age of 40 to wear this:

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