The Breakfast Club: How Big Of A Fan Are You?

The Breakfast Club is an extremely iconic 80s teen movie that almost everyone has scene...but just because you've seen it doesn't mean you know the story.

Are you one of the people who do know the story behind the film, about John Hughes and the original script, the inner relationships and secret hatreds between the cast, if there even were any? Take this quiz to find out

Created by: Grace
  1. Which two actors were dating in the beginning of filming?
  2. Which filming error(s) did they make?
  3. Originally, Andy was supposed to play what sport?
  4. In a scene that was cut from the movie, John's father drops him off and yells, "You're a waste of ____"
  5. In another scene that was originally cut from the movie, Carl profiles where each kid will be in 30 years. What does he say about Brian?
  6. Which crew member or actor showed the cast a picture of elephantitus of the nuts in real life?
  7. Which three actors were originally considered for the role of John Bender?
  8. ________ made a joke about Charlie Sheen having a heart attack on set, r, and ________ told him that Charlie Sheen was actually Emilio Estevez's father
  9. Which two cut scenes from the movie slipped into the trailer on accident?
  10. What particular insult was Judd Nelson almost fired for, while he taunted Molly Ringwald off-camera?
  11. Although the film says, "A brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal", the movie trailer says:
  12. When Bender was crawling through the ceiling, they had to re-shoot the scene because:
  13. Who was originally supposed to be the only cast member who danced?
  14. Which was not an idea for the name of the movie?
  15. Why was there never a sequel?
  16. What is Brian's social security number?
  17. How many members of the cast were also members of the brat pack?
  18. How does Judd Nelson think Bender would really react if Claire gave him her earring?
  19. Which actor of the five Breakfast Club members was the oldest?
  20. Which of Bender's famous lines does the TV version edit?
  21. After the movie, many kids started to dress like Bender. Judd Nelson's mother said he was responsible for when they:
  22. Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and Ally Sheedy all went undercover into high school to learn about the atmosphere before filming. Judd Nelson got sent to the principals office for:
  23. Where does Carl predict Bender will be in 30 years in the original script?
  24. What was Andy's lunch?
  25. While Judd was watching a football practice at the school where they were filming, he was asked by the coach to:

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