The Breakfast Club quiz

The Breakfast Club is one of the best, if not the best, teen films of all time. The brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess, and the criminal all come together to discover how their differences make them so much alike.

I'm sure we've all seen "The Breakfast Club" before, right? Test your knowledge with this quiz to see just how much you realized and didn't realize when watching the film.

Created by: shun
  1. What logo is on Andy's shirt?
  2. What brand of shoes is Allison wearing?
  3. According to Allison, how tall is Brian?
  4. According to the plague, Carl Reed, the janitor, was Man of the Year in what year?
  5. According to Allison, what is Brian's middle name?
  6. According to Bender, he told his father "you forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful". His father then told him to shutup and said...
  7. What does the license plate on Brian's mother's car say?
  8. What brand glasses is Brian wearing during the "marijuana scene"?
  9. According to Allison, what is Brian's social security number?
  10. What is the name on Andy's lunch sack?
  11. How many pixie sticks did Allison pour on her sandwich?
  12. What kind of cookies does Andy have for lunch?
  13. On what day did all of this take place?
  14. What color is the car that Brian left detention in?
  15. What is the school's zip code?
  16. What is Brian's cousin's name who once got high and ate really weird foods?
  17. Where is he from?
  18. Does Brian wear braces?
  19. Out of the entire "breakfast club" crew, who wore a necklace?
  20. What color is Brian's scarf?
  21. What is the school's mascot?
  22. What kind of car does Claire's father drop her off and pick her up in?
  23. Does Andy ever give Mr. Vernon the (middle) finger?
  24. In what order did they show up in the library for detention?
  25. What does the license plate on Andy's father's car say?
  26. The library is open Monday-Friday from___ to___.
  27. What color is Brian's backpack?
  28. What color are the school's lockers?
  29. Who is the author of the book that Bender rips up?
  30. John Hughes, the director, had a cameo in the film as which character's father?
  31. How many saturday detentions did Mr. Vernon give Bender?
  32. What type of juice did Brian have for lunch?
  33. How much does Mr. Vernon make a year?
  34. According to Allison, when is Brian's birthday?
  35. Everyone isn't wearing watches except?

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