Who Would Be Your Boyfriend?

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There are many boys out there, but none are like this. This quiz is for readers of Breakfast at the Basses. Find out which boy of the second Upper East Side Generation you belong to?

Have you read Breakfast at the Basses? Would you like to see which second generation boy would fit you best? It's pretty hard to lose, considering they're all smoking!

Created by: SimplyShelbySJL of The Fab Four Site
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  1. What type of girl are you?
  2. What is the first thing about a guy you notice?
  3. What would you like to hear from a guy?
  4. What describes you best?
  5. Which asset, even if you don't always like them to, do boys take notice to?
  6. What quality in a guy do you find hot?
  7. Which on of these fits your guy?
  8. How do you two know each other?
  9. What gift would you want from your guy?
  10. What is special about your guy?

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Quiz topic: Who Would Be my Boyfriend?