Are you a Fashionista

fashionista!!!! Find out if you are? Take the challenge, and whatever your results, we have an option for you. Don't be shy to show your fashion prowess!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Have you found your fashion calling? Find out how by taking this amazing fashion quiz! Fashion may be just for you! Or you need a little update!

Created by: Mary-Margaret of this site
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  1. What style of pants look good on every body type?
  2. Do skinny jeans look good on every body?
  3. What type of material will not wrinkle?
  4. What is the best shirt for a bigger buster woman?
  5. What is the best top for a smaller framed gal?
  6. What kind of dress looks good on every woman?
  7. What jacket should a bustier woman buy?
  8. What shoes lengthen the legs
  9. Are mini-skirts acceptable for ALL ages
  10. What stripes are the most flattering for bigger framed women?

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