Do you really know Fashion?

Think you know all there is to know about the ever-changing world of Fashion? are you always on top of all the trends each season? Or would you like to find how truly clue-less fashion-wise you really are?

If you get high marks on this quiz you will have the confidence of knowing that you are a true fashionista, if not you may finally be realizing that you need some work. Well, what are you waiting for??

Created by: amazon
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  1. What store (in a typical mall) do you shop at most?
  2. Do you/wish you could afford to shop at Anthropologie?
  3. Which designer shoes have red soles?
  4. Which one of these people are the head of the House of Chanel?
  5. Which celebrity do you think could be described as 'bohemian chic'?
  6. Out of all of the following designers who have you heard of?: Betsy Johnson Michael Kors Vesace Balenciaga Zac Posen Chloe
  7. which designer invented costume jewelery and the little black dress? (Hint: 1920s)
  8. In the past year how many of the following have you bought?: ballet flats skinny jeans empire waist dress something metalic something you saw in a fashion magazine over-sized sunglasses
  9. When you see someone who looks fashionable, what is the first thing you tend to think about them?
  10. out of all of the following fashion icons, who do you know about?(not just "oh, that name is familar"): twiggy kate moss coco chanel grace kelly andy warhol naomi campbell

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Fashion?