Whats your fashion IQ ?!

So you think you know fashion, well biatch time to put your knowledge to the test!!! There is no mistakes allowed, if you mess up you will be fed to the models, and trust me they will eat your ass, because those b*tches are HUNGRY !

Take the quiz and see what score you get, then see what the starts of the fashion world really think of your score. Remember Heidi Klum once said " In fashion your either IN or you are OUT!" ... do you measure up!?

Created by: aaalisson
  1. What famous stylist was behind the trendsetting wardrobes of both Sex and the City and the movie The Devil Wears Prada?
  2. The writing of famous fashionista ________ led to the coining of that most infamous fashion cliche's "...is the new black."
  3. What fashion designer has a tattoo of SpongeBob Squarepants ?
  4. London It-Girl Agyness Deyn plays muse and best friend to what Nu-Rave scene-spawning designer?
  5. What goth loving designer sent a model down the runway with a giant black cube on her head?
  6. H&M's first frenzy-causing designer collaboration was created with whom?
  7. Supermodel Kate Moss first raised eyebrows when she appeared in Calvin Klein underwear ads with what rapper?
  8. In New York, which street is also known as 'Fashion Avenue'?
  9. Which of the following is a band, and not a fashion label?
  10. Naomi Campbell famously took a tumble on the runway wearing five-inch platform shoes made by...
  11. Fashion's 'resort' collections hit stores in:
  12. What normally under-wraps item of clothing is abnormally visible this season?
  13. This year's ethnic styles draw heavily on the traditional cultural designs of which continents?
  14. What supermodel famously said she wouldn't wake up for less then $10,000 a day?
  15. What designer is notorious for doing a cartwheel down the runway after her shows?
  16. The term 'green' is being applied to fashion that:
  17. What singer keeps it all in the family by having her mom as her stylist?
  18. What French-luxury brand is famous for its signature gold-and-brown patterned handbags?
  19. The Palazzo Versace, a hotel designed by Donatella Versace, is located where?
  20. What big name streetwear label partnered with Nissan to design a car?
  21. What famous jeans label has had Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and Claudia Schiffer as some of its most famous girls?
  22. Lindsay Lohan is now the face of what designer?
  23. Marc Jacobs collaborated with what laid-back surfer shoe company?
  24. What Italian fashion designer also lent his name to high-end vodka?
  25. Which designer is a fitness buff and also designed a bicycle?
  26. Todd Oldham designed the rooms at The Hotel _________.

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