Could you do modeling? Quiz...

You could totally totally totally be a fashion star. In some time, you still got talent though. Modeling talent!!!! Yay so take the quiz again if you already have. Probably have it's pretty amazing...... According to some people I know one took it. If they're listening: THANK YOU FOR YOUR NICE AND HONEST OPINION!!!! You rock if your a fashionista. Like me FASHIONISTA / MODELS UNITED FOREVER AND EVER!

Are you a fashion genius? Took the quiz I assume? Hope you loved it I loved creating it. Everyone has there thing though... Bad results.... You'll find something else! If not modeling and fashion is your thing.... OBVIOUSLY!! ;)

Created by: Samantha Louise Roberts
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your hair colour!?
  2. What's your hair colour!?
  3. What's your eye colour!?
  4. What's your lip colour? (There are different & natural shades...)
  5. Describe your fashion sense
  6. Your spare time is dedicated to...
  7. Dream job
  8. Your room is full of...
  9. Acne......
  10. Nails...
  11. Your dream pet
  12. Blush
  13. Dream boyfriend! (Celebrity time!)
  14. Education... (For college & high school girls) (if you're out of college pick the last one this will be a free bee for you...)
  15. Your favorite activity...
  16. Real fur coats...
  17. Traveling to...
  18. Did you like my quiz!? Honestly answer it won't effect anything;)
  19. Thank you for taking this quiz!! XX!!
  20. "¢"¢"¢!COMMENT!"¢"¢"¢

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