What Kind of Model Would You Be?

Ever been interested in modeling? This quiz is not to show IF you will be a model, but what kind of model you will be. Everyone has their own good and bad features, but everyone has a unique style of their own. This will help you find it.

This quiz is meant to be as accurate and helpful as possible. If you are serious about being a model this may help you discover the basics to your style and self-confidence on your journey to modeling.

Created by: Seritori
  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. What eye shape do you have?
  3. What kind of clothing below is similar to what you wear?
  4. Which below is closest to your body shape?
  5. How would you define your facial features?
  6. What color is your hair?
  7. What is your skintone?
  8. What aspect of modeling do you believe would suit you most?
  9. Of these designers, who is your favorite?
  10. Which of these stores would you rather shop at?
  11. What emotion inspires you?

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