Test For Star_Models.inc

Do you like your job at Star_Models.inc Modeling Agency? Well we will see how much you know about it,and whether or not it was worth me hiring you! Take this Test and see!

Also taking this test can determine whether or not you get fired or whether or not we should train you to become a better employee here! If you are not happy with your score then let me know,and we will make some arrangements to get you help.

Created by: Sonya of stardoll
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  1. What can you NOT do at Star_Models.inc?
  2. Which of the following Days is Star_Models.inc open?
  3. Who are the owners of the agency?
  4. Which one of these Ladies won the assignment comp?
  5. Who is required at a photo shoot?
  6. How long ago was Star_Models.inc Created?
  7. True Or False? You are to message Star_Models.inc when you are done with an assignment?
  8. Star_Models.inc Next Top Model Starts?
  9. Who designed our suite?
  10. What are you required to do after you read a StarBlog Post?
  11. When was our first photo shoot?
  12. Who is our sister agency?
  13. What was the name of Foxya's Modeling Agency before she had Star_Models.inc?
  14. Why did Foxya and Chrisbrownwify decide to start Star_Models.inc
  15. Which of the following are sponsors?
  16. Is Star_Models.inc the best boss ever?(please tell the truth)

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