Test your Breyer Horse knowledge!

Breyer Horses are models made for people to collect, kids to play with, and everyone to enjoy. Breyer models are made out of plastic, the first one created was for a clock company who wanted a horse to model by the clock.

Do you collect Breyer models? See them in stores and magazines, play with them with your friends? Do you show them or just have them in storage? Think you know your stuff? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Lily

  1. When was the first Breyer Horse model made?
  2. There were originally how many different sizes of horses?
  3. "Yellowing" is a problem that can accure on some models. What is "yellowing"?
  4. When judging a model's condition, what scale is the model judged in?
  5. What does a judge look for in a model in a Live Show?
  6. How does a Photo Show work?
  7. How does the condition of a model affect its value?
  8. Which magazine is a Breyer Collectable?
  9. Which was the first Breyer Horse model used as a clock?
  10. What is the most valuable Breyer Horse?

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Quiz topic: Test my Breyer Horse knowledge!