you think you know horses?

There are lots of horse crazy people, but not many horse genius's. a horse genius knows an amazing amount of horse knowledge, about how he lives in the wild,

are YOU a horse genius? can you qualify as horse crazy? as a horse extraordinaire? and as horse crazy again? take this horse quiz to find out how much you know about horses.

Created by: Amy
  1. About how long is the gestation period for a horse?
  2. In english riding, what is it called when you stand up in the stirrups?
  3. Where on a horse's body is it's height measured?
  4. What breed of horse is said to have a 'dished' face?
  5. True or false. horses like to live alone.
  6. If a foal misbehaves he is:
  7. True or false: in the wild, it is safe for a horse to wander around by itself.
  8. When you rip out some of a horse's mane, does it hurt the horse?
  9. When a colt grows up in the wild, he:
  10. What does the color palomino look like?

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