D.N.Angel Quiz (not anime but T.V)

There are lots of people on T.V. They are stars! A star? They can be put ANYWHERE! On billboards or anything else! Do you think you know some D.N.Angel facts and go to fame? That is the test you'll be taking! Lets go star-in-training! You'll be in the fame square in no time!

If you are meant to be one use your mind and skills to qualify for the people to love you! They adore stars and you must adore them for adoring you! But who can resist a star? Brittany was hot, but now shes not 'cause her mind wasn't in the right place. Your's is. Now lets get started Star Try your best so be out-going!

Created by: inuyash5
  1. Who is the Holy Maiden?
  2. Daisuke has a family curse on him. What kind of curse? Is it good?
  3. After becoming a phantom thief, What is his name?
  4. Daisuke likes the Holy Maiden, but she doesn't. Who does she like?
  5. In one of the episodes, a girl is very lonely. She is stuck in a ______ and Dark uses______ to escape.
  6. Daisuke's parents are very strange.(His mom and grandpa) What do they do?
  7. "I'll do it, but I wont turn to Dark!" Daisuke says. How far does he get without him?
  8. Sorry only now I realize title. I meant not manga. When they take a trip somewhere with the class, who becomes the new Holy Maiden?
  9. Lolz. Last question I screwed ur head! Daisuke piggy-bank rides Riku on his back. But when he looks at Risa's picture, he does not transform. Why?
  10. When Daisuke figures out that Riku is the new Maiden, he ditches her. What did Dark say?
  11. Riku finds a place full of...
  12. Does Dark get captured?
  13. Daisukes dad gave him a thing.. It would make Darks power.. powerful. When Dark gets hit, who protects 'Niwa-kun'?
  14. He sees Hiwitari.. But what doe she do?
  15. Who is the obnoxious girl and what is she?
  16. What controls Miao?
  17. Riku gets....
  18. Do Riku and Daisuke get to kiss?
  19. Dark wasn't there for...
  20. Does anyone die or disappear?
  21. Krad and Dark meet where?
  22. One thing will get rid of Dark and Krad that isn't discovering who the Holy Maiden is. What does it look like?
  23. Yay you! Last Question till the end! Who gives Dark wings?
  24. I played ya! With falls in love with what?
  25. The rabbit disappears. With wanted what? ( Before the rabbit )
  26. Ok NOW is the last Question.Risa finds out..

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