how much of a sin r u?

There are many sins, but few angels. I dont know what to type so I am just randomly typing! So you either pick angel or sin afterall this quiz is quite easy you should know.

Are you a sin or angel? Are you mean and greedy like a sin should be or nice and pretty like an angel? Take this quiz and in a few minutes you will find out either if your a sin or angel!

Created by: Kuki

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  1. You wake up to the sound of chirping birds and sunlight beams brightly in your room. How do you react?
  2. You get changed, brush your teeth, and all those stuff you do in the morning. You go outside and you see a little boy alone biking on a bicycle. Suddenly, he falls down and bleeds and starts crying.
  3. The little boy tells his parents that you had cared for him! They ask you how can they ever repay you!
  4. Just say tommorrows your birthday. Your dad asks what do you want?
  5. A neighbor just got injured and sent to the hospital. You give him or her what?
  6. 5 more questions left. happy?
  7. Did you like this quiz? ( this and the rest will not count)
  8. (acuatally this WILL count) I LIKE PIE!
  9. Your greedy!(this will count)
  10. last question. How many stars will you give me? (this wont count)

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