Pick Some Words and I'll tell you your personality!

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This quiz will guess your personality type just by asking you to pick somethings. It is a fun personality quiz! (Don't ask why but while I write this I am badly craving for cake) The title is Pick Some Words But it should be Pick Some Things

What you do is you pick one option out of the options given in each question. These will add to your result. Remember you sometimes might have to randomly pick which is why this quiz may not be accurate.

Created by: amazon
  1. Pick a word
  2. b is the start of a word and d is the end of it. What do you think the word is?
  3. Which of these ice cream flavours would you try?
  4. Choose a colour combo:
  5. Pick a letter!!!
  6. Pick a number!!!
  7. Pick a drink!
  8. Pick a liquid(not a drink)
  9. Pick another word!
  10. Pick one of these letter pairs

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Quiz topic: Pick Some Words and I'll tell you my personality!