Warrior cat quiz

Hello! So, this is a warrior cat quiz, obviously, where you just became an apprentice and you have your first day as one. You can pick what you do or say.

You can pick what your name is, but the rest of the stuff is assigned. The answers tell you what your personality is, what you look like and stuff like that. I hope you like it! =3

Created by: Your best friend
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  1. "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey please gather below highrock for a clan meeting!" GorseStar called over the camp, making cats pad towards the highrock, and you were directly below it. When everyone got ready, the leader explained "Today a young kit is ready to become an apprentice..." You look up at GorseStar, and he looks back at you. "_________Kit, are you ready to become an apprentice?"
  2. "Then, until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as..." There was a pause, "_______Paw. Your mentor will ne Voleclaw." You touch noses with your new mentor.
  3. After cheering your name, the leader leapt off highrock, heading back into her den. Soon, all the cats cleared out of camp and soon only you, VoleClaw, and a few other cats were left in the clearing. "Tomorrow we are going to check out the boarders." Your mentor says, sitting down.
  4. "Well, it's getting dark, and you need lots of rest for the days ahead of you." Your mentor explained as it got dark. "Ok," You agree and head to the apprentices den.
  5. You soon fall asleep, with no dreams. You wake up with your mentor sitting next to you, and the apprentice you saw from last night gone. "Get up!" VoleClaw hissed happily, seeing that you've woken.
  6. "Anyways, let's start looking at the boarders." The warrior meowed as you followed him towards the camp exit.
  7. "Good, so we're going to go to ShadeClan's boarders first." Explained your mentor. "We are going to pass BareStones, a place with lots of pointy stones, so be careful." He warned. You nodded happily, watching the ground for stones.
  8. Soon, you spot a stone. "Watch out!" You had to call to your mentor. "Sorry it's just a stone-" And then you look forward, and a whole pathway of stones piled up!
  9. "The stones aren't usually that high! We've got to tell the leader about this when we get back!" Voleclaw said, coming up to the stones. Soon, you got across the path. "You smell that?" Voleclaw asked. You sniff once, and twice. "Yes..." You suddenly say, picking up a different scent. "That's shadeclan. If you smell that in our territory, report it to our leader." He explained.
  10. Okay! Sorry, but I have to stop the quiz here. Don't worry though, there will be part two, I promise! I hope you enjoyed part one!

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