Warrior love quiz #1 (she-cats only)

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Who's your apprentice love? This is a test for you to take so you can pick the tom you like out of the choices you have to choose from. You are a calico cat with green eyes.

You have three toms to choose from now, but you will go through adventures were cats might die or get captured, as well as more kits being born, finding rouges, kittypets, loners, who are willing to give up their way of life for you.

Created by: Moonwhisker

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  3. "Willowpaw! Willowpaw!" You have just become a warrior apprentice of Shadowclan, along with your sister Skypaw, and three toms, Flamepaw, Blizzardpaw, Nightpaw. Your mentor is Dawntail. You go down to Dawntail to ask what your first task will be, she says that you will be touring the territory along with the other apprentices. You go to get them and when you have finally started Flamepaw comes and brushes his pelt against yours. What should you do?
  4. No matter what you chose you end up splitting apart to smell the Riverclan border. When you get back to camp you hear a muffled sound like Flamepaw and Blizzardpaw growling, so you hide but slowly get closer so that you can hear them and you hear Flamepaw say "Back off! You know I liked Willowpaw first!" Next you hear Blizzardpaw quietly mew "What if I like her too?" But before they can say any more Blizzardpaw's mentor Sunfur, came over and told them that it was time to go to sleep and when they had left, you crept out of your hiding spot. When you got to the apprentices den, you can sleep in the middle of all the toms, you can be by individual ones, or by your sister. Who do you pick?
  5. You wake up early and see that Blizzardpaw has moved closer to you in his sleep. You look around and see that Nightpaw is also awake, with disgusted look on his face, until he sees you. After an awkward moment of silence, Nightpaw asks if you want to go outside and hunt together. You have no permission from anyone so if you get caught you could get in big trouble, but if you come back with a bunch of prey then they might be super happy with you. What do you decide?
  6. (Answer only is you said yes to Nightpaw in some way) You go out to hunt and you only end up catching one scrawny mouse. You are heading back to camp when you smell a strange smell, that Nightpaw seems to recognize. "It's a fox sent!" Nightpaw says, and that we should hurry back to camp so that we can tell the leader. You get back to camp and realize that you left your mouse. Your and Nightpaw's mentors come out, and start scolding us by saying things like "We were so worried!" and "You could have gotten hurt!" The commotion wakes what left of the clan that hadn't woken. Finally you see the leader and you tell him about the fox sent. He seen worried and a while after you and Nightpaw finish you punishment for sneaking out, (Removing the elder's ticks) the leader calls a clan meeting. Who do you sit by?
  7. (Answer only if you said no to Nightpaw in some way) You end up falling back asleep and only wake to feel Blizzardpaw and Flamepaw silently grooming you. You get up shake off, and go outside to find your mentor waiting for you. You walk over and Dawntail says that you are going to go hunting. You smell this strange smell and ask your mentor what it is, and she says that it is fox scent. You catch a mouse and your mentor catches a plump squirrel (surprisingly for Leaf fall), and you head back to camp. You both put your prey on the fresh-kill pile and your mentor, with a worried look, goes over to the leader and tells him about the fox scent. A few minutes later your leader calls a clan meeting, so who choose you sit by?
  8. No matter who you sit by, they leader says that he has good news and bad news, the good news is that two kits were born, Mosskit is the she-kit, and the tom, Breezekit. The bad news is that there seem to be foxes roaming the territory, and we need to drive them away. He says that the apprentices can fight if they want to. You will be battling the foxes tomorrow. The clan leader, dismisses the meeting and goes into his den. What is your favorite thing about the news?
  9. You wake the next morning with excitement and dread filling your body. You listen to your leader, mentor, and anyone else willing to give good advice. You finally have left the camp and you are expecting to see the foxes at an moment, all the sudden a fox jumps out of the bushes on your left but before it can hit you Nightpaw jumps in the way, so you are left unharmed, but Nightpaw has a very bad deep cut on his shoulder that is gushing blood....
  10. And..... CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!! And by the way if you didn't know Breezekit is not a result. Sorry.

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