Warrior Cat Roleplay: Part One!

You are a kit named Leafkit, right now! You are a calico kit with leaf green eyes! In my Warrior Cat Roleplay quizzes, you will grow older, and make tough decisions!

In the world of Warrior Cats, decisions are made, and with every decision comes a price; it will get tougher to make decisions on every Warrior Cat quiz I post! Don't miss out on this epic adventure!!

Created by: Eclipsestar228

  1. You climbed onto your mother's back energetically. "Mom!" You mewed. "Wanna play with me?" You asked excitedly. "Go play with your brother..." She sleepily sighed, her paw spread out in front of her. "Okay..." You climbed down, now rushing to your brother. "Sparrowkit!" You shout. "Wanna play?" You roll over, dangling your paws. "No! I'm playing with my friends! Go away!" He squealed, batting you with his front paw. "Fine! I'll play by myself!" You rushed to the entrance to the nursery den, feeling the warmth of the sun on your pelt. You look around for a friend to play with. There were only toms! Other than that was your bully! You choose:
  2. (Whoever you chose): You padded over to the tom enthusiastically. "Hi!" You mewed excitedly. "Hi!" The tom replied. "Wanna play with me?" You asked, tilting your head. "Sure! What do you want to play?"
  3. As you both were playing, the two other toms padded over to you. "Can we play, too?" They asked. "Sure!" You reply.
  4. As time passed, it was already dark. "Goodnight!" You yawned, returning to the nursery. As soon as you were by your mother's side, you fell asleep.
  5. In the morning, you immediately rushed outside to greet your friends. Flamekit, the flame colored tom, was padding over to you. "Hi!" He cheerfully mewed. "Hi!" You replied. "Wanna play?" He asked, racing around. Before you could reply, Spicestar padded over to you. "Hello, little ones." She gently meowed. "Do you know what tomorrow is?" You and Flamepaw looked at eachother before you returned your gaze back to Spicestar. You both shook your heads. "Tomorrow is your apprentice ceremony! We've told all the other apprentice's whose ceremony is tomorrow, too." You were speechless. So much excitement was stuck inside of you, you couldn't even talk! "Really!? I can't wait!!!" Flamepaw reflected your thoughts.
  6. After she padded away, you immediately batted Flamekit's head. "DID YOU HEAR THAT!?" You squealed. "YES I HEARD THAT! DID YOU HEAR THAT!?" He knocked you over. Suddenly, Shadekit, the large black tom appeared beside you. "Guess what!?" He mewed. "I'm gonna be 'Shadepaw'!' And Branchkit is gonna be 'Branchpaw!'" He pounced on you excitedly. "We are, too!!!" Both you and Flamekit replied at once. "Really!?" He then pounced on Flamekit.
  7. Branchkit padded over to you and the others. "Hi," He quietly mewed. "WE'RE GONNA BE APPRENTICES!" You roared in excitement. "I know," He purred. He was so calm about it!
  8. *At the apprenticeship ceremony*: You stood there, stunned with excitement. "Sparrowpaw! Shadepaw! Flamepaw! Branchpaw! Leafpaw!" The clan chanted. Hearing your name being chanted was as if you were the most valued... You loved it.
  9. After the apprentice ceremony, Shadepaw approached you. "Congratulations! One step away from being a full grown warrior!" You thanked him as you went to find:
  10. Unexpectedly, Sparrowpaw appeared. "Congratulations, sis!" He purred, brushing your pelt.
  11. You thanked him as you left to go find your apprentice den. "Congrats, Leafpaw!" Flame announced, giving you a startle.
  12. You entered the gourse tunnel, padding past Flamepaw. Inside was Branchpaw. 'Wow. He's fast.' You thought. "Hi, Branchpaw!" You purred. "Hi," He replied, giving off a weak purr in return. "Congratulations!" You mewed. "Thanks! You, too."
  13. "Want to go hunting with me?" Branchpaw asked. "Sure!" You murmured. You both padded through the entrance to the gorse tunnel. "Whatcha after?" You questioned. "Rabbits," He replied steadily as you both continued to walk.
  14. You both stopped at a clearing, sniffing the air. Sure enough, the rabbit's scent was strong. "How're we gonna catch them? We just got a mentor." You were confused. "I trained myself," He answered confidently.
  15. He crouched into a hunting position, stalking a specific rabbit. Within a few minutes, he returned with a successful hunt. He had caught two rabbits! "B-but-- How did you--" You were speechless.
  16. "We can share it," He mumbled through the mouthful of rabbit. "Erm... If you want."
  17. As you ripped into the rabbit's soft flesh, you noticed Branchpaw's ears twitching. "Are you okay?" You mumbled. "C-can you hear that...?" He peered into your eyes. "No, why?" You paused, holding his gaze. "It's probably my mind," Branchpaw murmured softly, sitting down neatly, his tail curled over his paws.
  18. You lifted the chin to smell the air through all the rabbit scent. You realized he was right.
  19. Cliff hanger! :D
  20. Who do you love, or who is your greatest friend? :3

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