Warrior cat's love life (She-cat's only)

Hello! Catfan here, and this is a love story where you are playing as Cinderpaw, a beautiful silver she-cat with ice blue eyes. You have three toms chasing after you, which do you love, though?

Will it be the Sweet and loyal Swiftpaw? Brave and gentle Sparrowpaw? Or Myserious and quiet Rainpaw? Find out who you warrior cats love is. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Catfan
  1. Cinderpaw! Cinderpaw! All of Echoclan is cheering your new name.
  2. You walk over to your new mentor, Foxtail, who looks just as exited as you felt. "Today we'll go hunting!" He announced. Were taking Sparrowpaw, Rainpaw, and Swiftpaw, so he can collect herbs. Suddenly three handsome toms came out of the bushes. A dark brown tom with green eyes, a siamese cat with blue eyes, and a grey and white tom with amber eyes. You think...
  3. You split up to hunt. You easily caught two mice, and when you came back the toms were waiting for you. Swiftpaw had a huge mouthful of herbs, Sparrowpaw had a squirrel in his jaws, and Rainpaw was carrying a rabbit. You congratulate...
  4. That night you were chosen to go to the gathering. You walk next to...
  5. (If you chose to walk next to Swiftpaw or Sparrowpaw click Skip) You walk over to Rainpaw. He looks up. "What do want?!" He growls. You think...
  6. (If you chose to walk next to Rainpaw or Sparrowpaw click skip) You walk over to Swiftpaw and he purrs. You think...
  7. (If you chose to walk with Swiftpaw or Rainpaw, click skip) You walk over to Sparrowpaw. He is talking with Riverpaw, a pretty grey she-cat. When he sees you, he stops and purrs. You catch a jealouse glint in Riverpaw's eye.
  8. When you get to the gathering Brightstar (Your leader) Starts to speak. "EchoClan is thriving." She announced. "We have four new apprentices, Cinderpaw, Sparrowpaw, Rainpaw, and Swiftpaw." All of the leaders spoke. Shiverstar of CloudClan, Wavestar of MistClan, and last of all. Clawstar of StormClan. "Brightstar says EchoClan is thriving, and that must be true if there well fed in leafbare!" He turned to Brightstar. "PREY THEVIES!" He roared.
  9. You run to _______ for comfort. Who is _______
  10. The next day, Brightstar says you must attack StormClan before they attack us. "I will take Poppyleg, Shortwhisker, Petalsnow, Whisperbreeze, Silverclaw, Foxtail, Rainpaw, Sparrowpaw, Swiftpaw and Cinderpaw!"
  11. You silently crept through the tree's. Then Brightstar yowled, "ATTACK! You leaped into StormClan Camp, and suddenly a pair of paws grabbed you... CLIFFHANGER!!

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