She-cat love story, Riverclan edition! Pt. 1

Idc if I already made a Riverclan love story. You can’t tell me what to do. You can make suggestions in the comments tho, I need ideas :), anyway- in this one you are a silver tabby she-cat with teal-green eyes with the name of Willowsky.

You have two friends; Finchbreeze and Violetdawn. You get to choose between three toms. don’t worry, 😉 in part two I’ll add more. Have fun doing this quiz :)

Created by: Silvershade

  1. Paragraphs.
  2. A light breeze blows through your fur as you lay on a sun warmed flat stone beside a willow tree. One of your friends, Violetdawn, is laying beside you. You were in the middle of a conversation when she suddenly gasped and thwacked you with her tail. You give her a ‘what in the world’ look before she says “look! Snowclaw is looking at us! He’s coming OUR WAY!” You roll your eyes at her, she had had a crush on the white tom since apprenticeship. You turn your head and see the amber eyed Riverclan warrior was indeed headed your way. He padded up to your stone and mewed, “hey, you she-cats up for a little fishing, Splitface and Marbleeye are busy on patrol.” He made eye contact with you, curiously not Violetdawn as well but she seemed not to notice. “I would love to go fishing,” she mewed, you say;
  3. (We’ll just say you said yes) you make it away from camp to a deep pool of water, Snowclaw is the first to dive in. Violetdawn looks at where he entered the water and whispers to you even though he couldn’t have heard you anyway, “Oh isn’t he just amazing,” she sighed dreamily, but straightened up as he surfaced, he had a large and fat carp clan he’d in his jaws. He layed it down on the pebbly bank and flicked his whiskers at you and your friend, “are you coming?” He asked diving back in. “Right, sorry,” Violetdawn mewed, right before she dived in behind him she looked back and whispered loudly, “Amazing,” your thoughts before you follow them are;
  4. After the hunt you padded back to camp, all of you had your jaws full of fish, at least two each. You drop your kill onto the pile and turn to see a ginger tabby with soft green eyes watching you. “Hi Flamespots,” you mewed, he seems so start at the sound of you talking to him. He gives his chest fur a few embraced licks before returning your greeting, “It’s good to see you Willowsky,” he nodded to the fish you had caught, “the prey is swimming well I assume?” Your response is;
  5. No matter your response he smiles, he looks like he’s about to say something else when… “Flamespots! Come on, Snowfire said your coming on windclan border patrol.” It was Beeflight, the black and yellow tom was waiting at the entrance of camp with two more warriors. Whatever he was about to say he turned and mewed to the senior warrior, “Alright Beeflight, I’m coming.” Before he walks away he cast a glare behind you, you turn and see Snowclaw glaring back at him. Your thoughts are;
  6. Your laying on the flat stone again, listening to Violetdawn talk about Snowclaw. “Isn’t he so strong? And when we were fishing- how long he held his breath! It was so cool! Have you ever noticed the pale grey spots on his muzzle and on his paws? They’re so cute,” she sighed dreamily you have mostly tuned her out and are about to fall asleep when you hear crashing. Your head shoots up and you see Finchbreeze and her patrol stumbling into camp. All of them had some kind of scrape or bite mark. Violetdawn finally shuts up and you both rush to help your friend. When she tells you that Thunderclan is fighting back for sunning rocks, and had won that last battle with her patrol, your first reaction is…
  7. (Time skip) before you know it, it’s the full moon, you have been chosen to go to the gathering the other Riverclan cat’s going are; Sunfire, Dawnfoot, Beeflight, Oakstar and Snowfire (obviously), Mistlight, Lichenwhisker, Leafshine (the med), Finchbreeze, Violetdawn, Snowclaw, Flamespots, and eChOfLiGhT.
  8. While you are waiting for Windclan, Thunderclan makes it’s way out of the trees. Lionstar leaps onto the great rock with the Oakstar and Nightstar. A rich dark brown tabby tom with kind amber eyes and a white underbelly sits next to you. Someone in the crowd pushed you into his said and you jump away and liked your chest fur embarrassedly. He dose the same before awkwardly sitting back down. “Um, hi” he mews after a while. “Hey” you mew back, trying not to have eye contact with the Thunderclan tom. (Skips the awkward moment of introduction and conversation starting cuz yes. He’s a Thunderclan tom named Oakthorn, your discussing the fact that you had actually been in battle against each other for sunning rocks) “heh, nah, Lionstar isn’t thinking about taking it back yet…” he trails off as his eyes land on something. You follow his gaze and see Finchbreeze. “Who’s that?” He asked, sounding casual, but his eyes betrayed interest. You reply with;
  9. “Uhm… my friend, Finchbreeze.” You reply, he leeks like he’s about to say something but gets cut off when you hear a rustling from the ferns. Windclan comes into the clearing. Their leader, Twitchstar, leaped onto the great rock. “Finally.” Grunted Nightstar, Twitchstar ignored him as she started the gathering. “My greatest apologies that we are late,” she mewed, “a large group of rouges was trespassing and we had to teach them a thing or two, other than them, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again, prey is running well and we have a new litter of kits, Flowerkit, Acornkit, Harekit, and Moonkit, we have one new apprentice, Thornpaw, and my litter is dew soon. That is all the news for windclan.” She stepped back, Nightstar took her place; (before he starts what are your thoughts on windclan’s news?)
  10. “Shadowclan has three new warriors, Fernpool, Ravensong, and Glowheart.” He waited for the chanting and cheering to calm down, “And, our medicine cat has a new apprentice, Juniperpaw, three Riverclan apprentices cheer the loudest and you remember that Sandpaw, Flowerpaw, and Gorsepaw were Shadowclan kits but changed to Riverclan after their father Foxwing was reviled. Juniperpaw must have been their other sibling.
  11. (Yadayadayada time skip the gathering is over blah blah blah. On the way when Riverclan was just starting to leave out of the corner of ur eye you see Oakthorn talking to Finchbreeze ok?)
  12. Another time skip because I am a bored and do not want to make… Filler questions (dun dun duuuuun)
  13. (It’s been a two moons since that gathering) you can’t sleep, and you don’t want to bother the medicine cat so you decide to go for a quick night hunt for yourself. You don’t really tell the other warriors but you actually like land prey a lot. You slip out of the den and in and out of the river to sunning rocks. While your there and you have your sights on a small shrew you hear noises coming from thunderclan’s border. Thinking fast you dive to the side and hide under a bush that had both thunderclan and Riverclan sent markers to cover your sent. To your surprise Oakthorn comes out of the bushes, looking guilty, but that look changed as you hear a splash from the river. Finchbreeze comes out and pads quickly over to him, purring. “Oh good,” she mewed as they touched noses and twined their tails, “I thought Flowershade was going to find another way to keep you in camp,” Oakthorn purred, “don’t worry Finchbreeze, She couldn’t keep me in camp even if she tried.” He mewed, they sat down on the tables boulder in sunning rocks and stared up at the stars together. What is the first feeling that jabs your chest?
  14. As you look out at the two cats who now seem to be so far away you hear something. Snap. Pad pad pad. Crackle. Snap. Behind you. It’s something big… you slowly, slowly turn to see what it was… and you come face to face with a- CLIFFHANGER! THE DEADLIEST THING IN ALL OF WARRIORS QUIZES! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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