Is Your Warriors OC Truly RiverClan

Hello there, reader! Are you a fan of Warriors, and most importantly, RiverClan? If so, then this is the right quiz for you! You might want to bring along an OC, by the way.

Here, I will test your OC to see how RiverClan-worthy they are. It doesn’t matter if they are in RiverClan or not. Any OC is welcome here! So come on in.

Created by: gentlesmol

  1. Okay, let’s begin. First of all, what is your OC’s base fur color?
  2. Second off, what is your OC’s eye color?
  3. What is your OC’s favorite thing to eat?
  4. What’s your OC’s favorite hobby?
  5. What does your OC do in their pastime? (Different than hobbies; this isn't for Clan duties)
  6. What category does you OC’s prefix fall under?
  7. What category does your OC’s suffix fall under?
  8. Scenario time! Let’s say that you are patrolling when you see an enemy Clan trespassing. How do you respond?
  9. Imagine a giant dog pack backing you up against a wall. Under you, a small, cat-sized tunnel filled with water awaits. You soon realize that the tunnel is your only way out...
  10. Your OC finds themselves being stalked by a rouge in the dead of night. They haven’t eaten all night, and just got out of a violent battle. What do they do?
  11. While training your apprentice, your rival appears with theirs and taunts you. They look ready to fight, but you don’t want your apprentice to get hurt. How do you handle this situation?
  12. You are hunting in the river, and suddenly your forbidden crush appears. You feel your heart beating, and suddenly can’t focus on fishing anymore. What is your approach to the situation?
  13. You have become deputy, fulfilling your biggest dream! There’s just one problem: your rival also wants that role, and will do anything to get it. What do you say to them to avoid conflict?
  14. Shortly after becoming deputy, you realize that your leader is fatally sick. With help from the medicine cat, you track the poisoning back down to the culprit: your rival. Filled with anger, you know you need to do something about this. So, what is it?
  15. Finally, after all your life, you become leader. Great! Your rival’s long dead, your kits are now warriors, and everything is amazing. But one day, an enemy Clan breaks into camp! How do you retaliate?
  16. Lastly, are you even IN RiverClan?

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Quiz topic: Is my Warriors OC Truly RiverClan