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Hello Clickers! I made this because I got bored. This a love story for Warriors. Please read these marvelous books if you haven't or you may not understand what's happening.

Either way, you will be following the life of Hazelflame, a beautiful ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Currently, she has four toms fighting for her: Mistystripe, Firefur, Ashblaze, and Darkstar. Who will you pick? Please note: I will probably turn this into a saga, but whatever...

Created by: Avery Haynes

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  1. You are Hazelkit. You wake up in the nursery to see Firekit in front of you. You yelp silently. "Hi Hazelkit!" He exclaims. You gulp and hide behind your mother, Stemflower. "It's alright Hazelkit, it's just Firekit" She reassures you. You look towards Firekit again, who just smiles. "Do you wanna play moss-ball with me and my friends?" He asks. What do you respond with?
  2. You walk out of the Nursery with Firekit to see Ashkit, Darkkit, and Mistykit, three much older kits playing moss-ball together. Ashkit, the ragged grey tabby, strides towards you. "Greetings, Hazelkit!" He says. Mistykit follows along. "Hello..?" He quietly mews. Meanwhile, Darkkit sits in the corner licking his flank, but his eyes stare contently into yours. What are you thinking?
  3. Shortly after, you join in their game of moss-ball. While playing, Ashkit seems to stare at you contently. When you stare back, Firekit hits the ball of moss and it falls on your head. Ouch! The kits crowd around, worried. "Are you okay Hazelkit?" Darkkit stammers. You:
  4. Cut to two moons later, all your denmates have now became apprentices: Firepaw, Darkpaw, Mistypaw, and Ashpaw. If only you had a littermate. What do you feel like doing?
  5. Either way, you decide to peek into the medicine cat den. You see the medicine cat, Webflower, and... Mistypaw? Woah! He never told you that he wanted to be a medicine cat! "Hey Hazelkit" Mistypaw mews, walking towards you with herbs in his mouth. You:
  6. Many moons passed, and it felt like an eternity. You can finally become an apprentice! You are given your new name Hazelpaw by Whitestar, and your new mentor was Longclaw. After that, your friends come to congratulate you, except for Mistypaw. "Wow! Great job Hazelpaw!" says Firepaw. "Lucky! Longclaw's the best!" added Ashkit. "Awesome." said Darkpaw nonchalantly. You:
  7. A little while after, your friends are now warriors. Why can't we catch up a little (._.). They are now named Firefur, Darkstream, Ashblaze, and Mistystripe(He's a medicine cat, I forgot).
  8. Longclaw decides to take you on a hunting patrol. While you catch a tasty thrush, you hear a rustle in the bush. A fox, eep! It swipes at you and pins you down. Who do you call for?
  9. Longclaw finds you and helps out, Ashblaze and Darkstream follow after. They distract the fox and fight brutally, chasing it off. Ashblaze sighs and relief and smiles at you while Darkstream casually licks his bloody paws. Longclaw pants for breath. You:
  10. After the fight with that fox, Whitestar decides to promote you into a warrior. Your new name is Hazelflame! Yay! While trotting cheerfully to your new den, you run into Firefur. "Oh, hey Hazelflame! I'm so happy for you!' You:
  11. That evening, while chilling in the clearing, Ashblaze walks up to you, a blackbird clenched in his jaws. "Hi Hazelflame. Wanna share this prey with me?" he asks. You:
  12. A week passes, Mistystripe is now the only medicine cat with the death of his mentor. You're sitting in the sunny clearing when Darkstream walks towards you. "Hey.... want to hunt with me?"
  13. While walking out of the clearing with Darkstream, his bushy black fur bumps into your soft, ginger fur. He blushes and chuckles. "Sorry.." he says. You:
  14. During the patrol, you catch a sparrow when Darkstream catches a large, juicy rabbit. Later, while you two are sharing the catch with eachother, Mistystripe approaches. "Hey... do you mind if I can borrow half of your catch, I'm really hungry.." You:
  15. It's been five months into the future, Darkstream has now become Darkstar, your leader. Ashblaze has become his deputy, and Mistystripe still the sole medicine cat. It's night, who do you want to sleep with?
  16. One day, Ashblaze walks up to you in the warrior's den. "Hazelflame... can I talk to you?" he asks. You nod and follow him into some brambles, where all of your friends are: Firefur, Darkstar, Mistystripe, and him. "We really want to know... who do you love the most." says Ashblaze. "We know we've been fighting for your heart, and we want you to be happy, and express the truth." adds Firefur. Darkstar and Mistystripe shyly nod. "So, who will you choose to be your mate?" You:

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