Your Love Story (Only for She-cats)

In this story you are a she-cat named Leafwind and you are in a clan called MoonClan. There seems to be three toms competing for you and you have to try to figure out who you love.

The leader's name is Stripestar, the deputy is Roseblossom, the medicine cat is Brownfeather. Some warriors are Sharpfur, Branchwhisker, Lightfoot, Leafwind and Greytail.

Created by: GamerStarGirl
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  1. You are a brown tabby she-cat with a white chest named Leafwind. You are a very attractive warrior.
  2. Stripestar, the leader of MoonClan, calls a clan meeting. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey join me here beneath the Great Branch for a clan meeting!" He yowls. You sit...
  3. "We have gathered here today to celebrate the making of 4 new apprentices," Stripestar began. "Flamekit, Bluekit, Squirrelkit and Featherkit." "Go, kits!" A long-furred gray tom shouted happily. You think...
  4. "Yes, uh... Sharpfur, settle down." Stripestar told him. Sharpfur nodded and settled down. You couldn't see the slightest bit of embarrassment in his happy expression. " As I was saying, Flamekit, do you want to become an apprentice?" The orange tabby-tom nodded his head. "Then I give you your apprentice name, Flamepaw."
  5. "Flamepaw, your mentor will be Lightfoot." Stripestar announced. A golden tom leapt to his feet, padded to Flamepaw and placed his muzzle on his head; then settled back down with the apprentice. "Can I be Brownfeather's apprentice?" Squirrelkit asked excitedly. Stripestar looked down at the brown tom. "I don't see why not. I will now give you your apprentice name, Squirrelpaw." Brownfeather placed her nose on Squirrelpaw's muzzle. They settled down side by side.
  6. Bluekit became Bluepaw, and her mentor was a cat named Branchwhisker. "And last but not least, Featherkit. Do you want to become an apprentice?" The light grey she-cat nodded energetically. "Then I give you your apprentice name, Featherpaw. And your mentor will be Leafwind."
  7. You step up and place your muzzle on Featherpaw's head. After the meeting, Lightfoot pads to you with Flamepaw. "Do you want to go train Featherpaw and Flamepaw with me?" He asks. You reply...
  8. If you said you'd go train with Lightfoot, then put "I didn't deny it.) "Come on, Leafwind." He pleaded. "No cat has ever wanted to be near me."
  9. The four of you go to the sandy training hollow and teach the siblings the basics of fighting. Then you take them hunting when you smell something that was unfamiliar to you. "Do you know what that smell is?" You ask Lightfoot. He sniffs and puts his ears back. "Badger!" He yowls and leaps in front of you as a badger appears in front of you two. "Go back to camp!" You shout at the apprentices. They dash away in the direction of the camp. You watch them leave and then look back at the badger just in time to see it whack your face and you black out.
  10. You wake up in Brownfeather's den. You soon got better, for it is not a bad injury. Once you get better you go out on patrol with Branchwhisker, Sharpfur, Lightfoot, Flamepaw and Featherpaw. You scent a blackbird and say you'll catch up. "I'll stay behind too." Sharpfur says. Branchwhisker shrugs and continues with Lightfoot and the apprentices. Once you catch the blackbird and bury it Sharpfur steps to you. "So... how are you doing?" You reply with...
  11. If you replied rudely he ignored you) "How has your training Featherpaw been?" "Okay. She's a fast learner. Why did you shout at their apprentice ceremony?" "Oh, they're my sister's kits. I'm really glad you got to train one of them." He replies kindly. He twines his tail with yours. You...
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