Which made up warrior clan are you in?

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Many people have created fake clans, and so have I! I have created 10 clans but only 6 are in this quiz! The ones that I have created are moonclan spiritclan birdclan nightmareclan sunclan flowerclan gemclan snowclan leafclan and flameclan!

My favorite clan of these would have to be moonclan. Not that I like dark cats but just how pretty i made the cats look like. Flowerclan only uses flowers for medicine supplies and sunclan is playful and nightmareclan do i have to say and spirit clan is named by what they look like and moonclan honors the moon and birdclan can jump really high!

Created by: Chloe
  1. Do you like to be named after what you look like or what you act like?
  2. Do you LOVE fish? Don't ask why.
  3. Your in the middle of a battle and your leader is dying. Would you...
  4. Would you honor the dark forest or starclan?
  5. Would you use flowers or medicine for medicine supplies?
  6. Would you be swift or loyal?
  7. If there was an intruder in your territory, what would you do!
  8. Smart, swift, evil, dark, playful, or loyal?
  9. What are you good at?
  10. You are traveling and meet a twoleg. What would you do?

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Quiz topic: Which made up warrior clan am I in?