WCFC What clan suits you the most?

Many people wonder what warrior clan they are in, from the famous series by Erin Hunter. This quiz has made up clans instead of the original four and is made especially for my WCFC site. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS ABOUT MY MADE UP CLANS, NOT THE FOUR ORIGINAL CLANS.

See if you are fit to be a FireClan warrior, courageous and strong, IceClan warrior, quick and cunning, SkyClan warrior, adventurous and loyal, MoonClan warrior, intelligent and calm, or just a plain fat old kittypet.

Created by: ShinobiSong
  1. A big angry dog charges at a kit from a rival clan. The kit tries to look brave and snarls at him, but you can tell that he is scared out of his mind. You only have seconds to act. What will you do?
  2. A vicious battle patrol from a rival clan attacks your border patrol and you are ordered to go back to camp to get help.
  3. You were given the worst name ever... Loudbelly.
  4. The other apprentices bully you all the time.
  5. It is leafbare and you are starving. You are supposed to be hunting for your clan. You catch a large, juicy mouse... Are you going to eat it?
  6. You are the leader, and your deputy tragically passes away. What do you see when you are choosing a new deputy?
  7. You are a medicine cat... And you have broken the warrior code and fallen in love with a warrior from an enemy clan. What will you do?
  8. Your clan is invading a rival clan for more territory. How will you do this?
  9. You catch some warriors from an enemy clan trespassing on your territory, with YOUR prey in their jaws. It couldn't be less obvious that they were stealing prey, by the guilty but defiant look in their eyes.
  10. Could you do me a favor and check out http:// warriorcatsfc . wetpaint . com (without the spaces)?(: thanks!!

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Quiz topic: WCFC What clan suits me the most?