Thunder, Wind, River or Shadow! Which Clan?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a warrior cat? Have you wondered what your Clan is? Now's your chance to find out what it's like and who you are!

In this quiz, I have created many scenarios for you to overcome. You answers determine your Clan. Will you be brave ThunderClan, swift WindClan, good RiverClan, or sneaky ShadowClan?

Created by: Flamestorm
  1. Your Clan is fighting off a trio of foxes. One more slips in, unnoticed amongst the chaos. Oh no! It's headed for the nursery!
  2. You are deputy, and the leader is dying.
  3. You're chasing a rabbit. Suddenly, it veers towards the other Clan's border, straight into the paws of their patrol. Unable to stop, you plow over the border, knocking the patrol over!
  4. Where do you prefer to be?
  5. You hear dogs barking, rapidly coming closer!
  6. What's your favorite seaon?
  7. Your Clan has lots of healthy kits, and plently new apprentices. Suddenly, the kits start dying and apprentices disappearing.
  8. You Clan is starving, due to the ultra-cold leaf-bare.
  9. 5 rouges have ganged up on you and your hunting party. You can't run, and they attack everytime you open your mouth.
  10. Last question! WOOT! Did you like this quiz?

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