Warriors Life Story (She-Cats only!)

You're playing a orange she cat named Gingerpaw! You are in a clan called Snowclan, and the other clan is DesertClan. You live in a forest, and DesertClan lives in a small dessert. SnowClan is colder, but they have thicker coats.

Make decisions to decide your fate as Gingerpaw! Make important choices, that may change your entire experience in the Warrior cat's world! Enjoy! Yay!

Created by: Riversong
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  1. Please read the opening paragraphs or else your character wont make sense!
  2. You ready for da story?
  3. Let's go! You were laying in the apprentice's den, sleeping, and you flet a prod in your side. It was your sister, Flowerpaw. "Wake up, sleepyhead. Spiderclaw (your mentor) wants you." What is your reaction?
  4. "Let's go to the training hollow. C'mon." He dashes off towards the training hollow, and when you meet him there, he is standing in the middle of the hollow.
  5. "We aren't here to train. What I wanted to talk about is that there are new apprentices in your den coming soon." He looked serious about it.
  6. "Fog's parents were loners, and Moon's parents were banished from ShadowClan. Try to treat them with respect, wont you? They are both toms."
  7. "Alright, It's almost sunrise. Let's head back and drop off some prey on the way. Might as well while we are out here." He dashed off towards the camp, and you followed slowly behind him, thinking about things. What do you think about?
  8. Finally you arrive at the camp, catching a mouse and two squirrels. Right as you enter, a voice rings out across loud and clear. "Every cat old to catch their own prey, gather beneath the Ledge for a clan meeting!" The cats in the dens filed out neatly, and you sat right in the middle to get a good view of Snowclan's leader, Miststar on the Ledge. "Fog, you have discovered our Clan, and wish to be a part of it. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Fogpaw. Your mentor will be Frosttail. I hope Frosttail will pass down all she knows on to you." Miststar did the same with Moonpaw, and his mentor was Dawnclaw. The clan shouted out their names. "Fogpaw! Moonpaw! Fogpaw! Moonpaw!" The leader gave the signal, and the metting ended.
  10. Rate it from 1 to 5 stars, so I can make another one :D

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